17 Nov
4 Must-know Benefits of diced Silicon Wafer with a dry oxide coating

Prime-grade 4 inch Silicon Wafer are round, flat semiconductor discs made from natural mono-crystalline silicon. The crystals are grown at the floor of the wafer and that they outline the stages of electrical conduction in a chip. Silicon is likewise used as a raw fabric for microchips and transistors because it is cheaper and clean to purify. A 4-inch Silicon Wafer is actually

one of the many extraordinary forms of wafers utilized in a manufacturing or studies laboratory. These wafers may be everywhere from 165 mm to 260 mm lengthy and eighty-4 mm to 120 mm huge.


4-inch diced Silicon Wafer with a dry oxide coating are reliable in several applications and might face up to excessive temperatures without diminishing their sign or electricity quality. That way you may get higher performance and utilize your Silicon Wafers for many years with much less downtime than different devices.

diced Silicon Wafer with a dry oxide coating

Diced Silicon Wafer With A Dry Oxide Coating


You can effortlessly cut, peel, dice, and form Silicon Wafers into any size to suit your utility needs. If Silicon comes in 4-inch diameter sheets, you could use them as they arrive or divide them up into smaller portions that healthy your project specifications.

Expeditious Production

The procedure of fabricating Silicon Wafers is brief and clean for any size, form, or utility requirement. 4-inch Silicon Wafers are easily cut, diced, and fashioned into any length required to suit your needs.

High-speed Silicon Wafer fabrication

It is clean to fabricate 4-inch Silicon Wafers at a totally high velocity as compared to different merchandise and production methods. The gadgets that use those wafers require excessive speed but additionally low fee of manufacturing because they may be used for a huge variety of applications requiring excessive precision inclusive of instrumentation, communications, and microelectronics.

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