10 Aug
PMMA Nanoparticles Carry Excellent Abrasion and Optical Clarity Like Properties!

For a wide range of applications, we are using the nano particles these days. These are also known as the microspheres. While using these nano particles, we are able to collect exact and fast result. At the same time, these nano particles also help to keep these testing processes safer, faster, convenient and accurate. With the same sort of objective, the poly (methyl methacrylate) microspheres are announced for the market. These are the nano particles which are in great demand in the cosmetic surgery like field. These are also called as the bone cement. 

  • They are used in cosmetic surgery field

 In the field like cosmetic surgery, these nano particles have always maintained a safe track record. That means while applying them, the experts in this field have always managed to keep their processes safe and secure. These PMMA nano particles are biologically non degradable as well as inert. Due to this reason, when they are used for the treatment purpose, the result is going to last long. But at the same time in case there is any technical error, then that is also going to last long.

PMMA nanoparticles

                                                                         PMMA Nanoparticles

  • Known for their excellent UV resistance

As far as the PMMA nanoparticles are concerned, they are used in great numbers for biomaterial applications. For these applications, these microspheres are used as the drug-delivery system, bone substitutes, lenses and bone cement. For those who use to suffer from scars and wrinkles on the skin tissue PMMA microspheres can be applied to eliminate these issues permanently. Even in the dental implants like field, the PMMA like polymer material is used as the substitute for the missing dental-roots. These nano particles come with excellent optical clarity, excellent abrasion and excellent UV resistance.

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